A family history page

This blog is about sharing family history information.

The Stewart/Jamieson lines from Beith and Lochwinnoch, Scotland Рthrough Archibald Stewart (1900-1989).  Archie, himself, was born in Lochwinnoch in 1900.

The Curry/Morgan lines from Ireland – through Louise Curry Stewart’s (1905-1998) father’s side.

From Germany, the Schwickardi and Seeger lines – through Louise Curry Stewart’s mother’s side.

From Italy, the Roselli family – through Harry Roselli (1904-1975),

and from Bohemia the Micans – through Jennie Mican Roselli (1909-1988).

And finally the Winslow line – through Don Winslow (husband of Louise Stewart Winslow (1925-2008).

I will categorize each post by family name so that you can look at the ones that interest you.


2 comments on “A family history page

  1. C. C. says:

    This is wonderful, Laura, thank you! Btw, while I happen to have a WordPress acct already, some family members might not realize they have to create one before they can get to your password-protected site. Just in case you get questions about it …

  2. harrywinslow says:

    Thanks for the invite and sharing family info

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